45 bugs in Dragonflight talent trees

Rextroy comes back to us with a new video. This time, it’s not about a bug that allows you to do 5 billion damage points, but rather the bugs that are present in the Dragonflight and prepatch talent trees.

Some are quite situational and the majority of classes are not represented. However, if you play Paladin, Death Knight or Warrior, this might be of great interest to you.

Paladin Retribution:

  1. Hallowed Ground can be permanent
  2. Crusade bonus damage works without Vengeful Wrath
  3. A weird tooltip for Dust

Paladin Protection:

  1. Avenger’s Shield pric Precognition
  2. Blessed Hammer damage reduction not working
  3. Inner Light damage does not work
  4. Vanguard’s Resolve grants only 2% of base strength
  5. Bastion of Light consumes Divine Drawing
  6. Sentinel duration is reduced with Retaliation Aura procs
  7. Gift of the Golden Val’kyr does not work with the Forgotten Queen’s Guardian PvP talent
  8. Rampart of Righteous Fury tooltip range/radius bug
  9. Moment of Glory only counts auto-strikes

Holy Paladin:

  1. Glimmer of Light is inconsistent
  2. Divine Resonance stops working if you use it offensively
  3. Vengeful Crusader performs worse than expected

All Paladins:

  1. Seal of Order gives a better than intended bonus to Dawn’s Blessing
  2. Divine Aspiration Stacks, Does Not Overlap
  3. Elusiveness speed has diminishing returns, avoidance presumably too

Death Knight Blood:

  1. Ravenous causes Death Strike’s minimum healing to become 37% stronger, not 15% as the tooltip says.
  2. The Relentless Grasp debuff is a 10% damage increase, not 5% as the tooltip says.

Unholy Death Knight:

  1. Shroud of Devastation does not work in Arena
  2. Unholy Aura’s second point does not benefit pets other than the main pet.
  3. Viscera does less damage than intended
  4. Life and death don’t work with all care

Frost Death Knight:

  1. Frost Fever sometimes gets you stuck in combat mode

All Death Knights:

  1. Insidious Cold INCREASES enemy attack speed, it does not reduce it.
  2. Unholy Bond causes Hysteria to only give 23 Runic Power, not 24 (also does not work with Razorice).

Protection Warrior:

  1. Confusing Focus Doesn’t Benefit Much Rage Generator
  2. The Ordeal Resistance tooltip is misleading, it’s not 25% more damage blocked, more like 10%.
  3. Lingering Alacrity only gives 3.4% armor instead of 5%.
  4. The increase in the duration of the Dance of Death does not work?
  5. Seasoned Veteran has no cooldown tooltip.

Fury Warrior:

  1. Reckless Spirit’s Empowered Raging Blow does not work with the Battle Trance PvP talent
  2. Recklessness does not benefit Assault
  3. Tenderize does not specify Massacre Strikes as a requirement

Warrior Weapons:

  1. Warlord’s Torture Recklessness does not benefit Blood Rush
  2. Sweeping Attacks does not reduce Rend damage to second targets
  3. Dance of Death stops working when changing subzones


  1. Hammer of the Righteous is inferior to Blessed Hammer in almost all situations, but you must make a choice
  2. Touch of Light scaling is probably buggy
  3. Is Razorice scaling obsolete? It is based on weapon damage
  4. DK’s Apocalypse Enchantment Looks Very Underrated
  5. Death Pact is “useless” with a heavy reduction in healing
  6. Some %-based heals don’t scale to the versa (Indomitable), but others do?
  7. Damage reduction for Steel Storm but no cooldown reduction?

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